Split Tree Cocktail Co. Craft mix your craft cocktails

Cocktail parties are always fun!  Split Tree Cocktail Co. brings you premium small batch, hand crafted cocktail syrups to make delicious cocktails at home. We only use fresh whole ingredients to produce our tonics and syrups.

We are crazy about craft cocktails, and know that a good drink starts with a great mix.  So at a party with our friends, we experimented with flavorful tonics and cocktail syrups limited only by our imagination.  Our first tonic - Tonic No.3 was created, and Split Tree Cocktail Co. was born!

Bring Split Tree Cocktail Co. creations home from various retail locations, or shop online now.

Inside the Den : Split Tree Cocktail Co. was on CBC Dragons' Den COMING SOON

Split Tree Cocktail Co. will appear on the 10th Season of CBC Dragons' Den on Wednesday, October 7, 2015 at 8 pm!  Tune in to find out if Split Tree Cocktail Co. made a deal!

The experience was exhilarating and we received a great response from the Dragons. Dragons' Den was the perfect platform to show our products and a chance to spread the word on national television. We were able to partner with Alberta's beer baroness Manjit Minhas. Manjit leads in the spirits and mixed drinks business. After over a decade of experience in creating alcoholic brands and marketing her products for Minhas Breweries, Manjit Minhas knows exactly how to position beverage products. We are excited to be a part of CBC Dragons' Den and especially for our partnership with dragon Manjit Minhas.