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As with all truly good ideas, Split Tree Cocktail Co. began with a cocktail party. We invited our friends and family to taste six different tonic syrups numbered 1 through 6. Did they know they were guinea pigs? Nobody remembers. But the clear winner was Tonic No. 3. So we put it into production and set to work developing more small batch, hand crafted cocktail mixes using whole fresh ingredients, no artificial preservatives, and nothing we can’t pronounce.  

We believe in spending time with friends and family, enjoying each other’s company and sharing a drink. The importance of that experience should be reflected in the quality of the drinks you serve.  Quality time deserves a great drink.


Chief alchemist and owner of Split Tree Cocktail Co. Steve Morrier talks about his background

Split Tree Cocktail Co. by Steve Morrier as seen on CBC Dragons' Den : Mixed drinks, cocktails, tonic, cordial

In 2010, Steve was working in the hi-tech industry when he was laid off.  Soon after, several friends started a micro-brewery in Ottawa and Steve went to work selling beer and helping to launch their company.  After Hogsback Brewing Co. appeared on Dragons' Den, the brewing company focused on sales through the LCBO  and the Beer Store and no longer required a full time sales person.

Joining Broadhead Brewing Co. Steve "learned a lot from the Broadhead guys, most importantly that you don't need to spend a fortune to start a company," says Steve. "I began to look into starting a distillery of my own".  Morrier soon learned that Ontario regulations governing distilling were onerous.  Undeterred, Steve knew there was a place for him in the resurgence of the craft cocktail movement.

Steve began experimenting with different cocktail syrups and inviting friends and family to test his recipes.  “Mixes currently on the market are filled with artificial ingredients and taste bad”, says Steve.  “Artisan distillers are creating amazing craft spirits, so why are we using cheap mixes? Craft spirits deserve an authentic craft mix”.  Steve’s mixes were an instant hit, and Steve’s house became the most popular on the street.

It soon became clear that there was a wider demand for artisan craft cocktail mixes that allow people to make simple and delicious cocktails at home. Split Tree Cocktail continues to produce authentic and flavorful small batch cocktail mixes for cocktail lovers everywhere. 

WATCH OUR PITCH TO THE CBC Dragons Den Season 10.

Split Tree Cocktail - CBC Dragons Den Canada, Dragons hear the pitch
Split Tree Cocktail - CBC Dragons Den pitch. Dragon Manjit Minhas watches Split Tree Pitch
CBC Dragons Den Canada - Dragons Cheer and taste Split Tree Cocktail mixed drinks, cordial cocktails
Steve Morrier pitches Split Tree Cocktail to CBC Dragons Den Canada his mixed drinks, tonics and cordials

Frequently Asked Questions

What is tonic made from? The main ingredient in tonic is chinchona bark, used by British sailors in the 17th Century to help prevent malaria. The sailors would mix the bark with their gin ration, lime and sugar to make it's bitterness more palatable. And so the classic Gin and Tonic was born!

How long will the products last?  Split Tree Cocktail Co products are shelf stable for 12 months. Once opened, they keep for 1-2 months in the refrigerator.

How do I use the syrups? Each bottle of Split Tree Cocktail Co. syrup has a delicious recipe on the label.  For best results add the syrup last. Simply mix an ounce of syrup and an ounce of your favorite spirit with 3-4 ounces of soda water. Stir gently and enjoy!

Can I use Split Tree Cocktail Co. syrups to make non-alcoholic drinks? Of course!  Mix any of our syrups with soda water or water for a refreshing drink.

How many drinks will a bottle of syrup make? Each bottle of Split Tree Cocktail Co. syrups will make between 8-16 drinks, depending on how much flavour you prefer in your drink!