Virtual Holiday Party Ideas That Don’t Suck

‘Tis the Season to Gather Digitally

The holidays are meant to be spent with people you love, whether that includes family, friends, or colleagues. Of course, it’s also a bit difficult to spend the holidays in close proximity to those people. That’s why most people in the spirit are opting to organize virtual gatherings this winter.

Instead of letting this winter’s circumstances rain – or snow – on your parade, embrace them by throwing an unforgettable digital party. It’s easier than you think to get festive from far away. Pick a virtual chat service, invite your favourite people, remind your guests to pour their own drinks, and voila – you have a dazzling digital holiday party.

Keep reading for everything you need to make your holiday party perfect, from thrilling activities to must-know organization tips. Plus, what should you do if you need to do some last-minute shopping for a gift exchange? We’ve got you covered.


How to Throw the Best Virtual Holiday Party

The Basics

As the host, you need to curate the party’s key details: date, time, guestlist, and in this case, organizing and monitoring the video call. Not every guest will be tech-savvy, so don’t forget to offer assistance!

Pick a Simple, Fun Theme

Spruce up your party with a theme everyone can participate in. Ugly sweaters, silver and gold, or favorite holiday movies are solid examples.

Design Virtual Invitations

Let your gathering begin on the right foot with a festive virtual invitation. For something unique, try announcing your party via a YouTube video or a clever TikTok.

Keep a Loose Schedule

A loose itinerary is vital for a digital party’s success, though this can be tricky. There’s a fine line between being too strict with your guests’ time, and losing their interest due to the chaotic nature of an unstructured virtual call.

Keep It Fun and Light

No matter how hard 2020 may have been, the holidays should provide a breath of fresh air. Maintain a positive and carefree atmosphere during your party – long-winded speeches and sad proclamations won’t translate well over a virtual call.

Fun Virtual Games

Never Have I Ever

There’s a reason this game is such a classic: It’s a surefire way to bring out laughter and wild stories. It’s easy to play over a video call, too.

Truth or Drink

In this twist on “Truth or Dare,” participants must take a sip each time they don’t want to answer increasingly intrusive questions.

Virtual Trivia

Every partygoer loves a good trivia challenge. Think about whether or not your crowd enjoys a particular topic or franchise to base the game off of. You can use an app, or make up your own questions.

Kings Cup

This popular drinking game is easy to play virtually. All you need is a virtual deck of cards or a random number generator. Get creative, and make your own instructions for each card.

Virtual Escape Room

Escape Rooms are a favorite among friends and colleagues. Luckily, there are plenty of interactive escape rooms on the internet. These are just as much fun, and require the same prowess and cooperation that a physical escape room would.

Cards Against Humanity

There’s a reason this card game is popular at parties – it brings out everyone’s crass, weird side, for better or worse. Plenty of apps offer a digital equivalent, or you could make your own.


Whether you call it “werewolf,” “mafia,” “village idiot,” or something else, this diabolical game is a summer camp classic. It can bring your holiday party to life, too – especially if the host invokes a winter-inspired narrative.

TV Show Drinking Game

Plenty of online chat services allow guests to consume media together. Pick a favourite show or movie and make a drinking game out of it. For example, you could watch The Office and drink each time Jim looks at the camera, or watch Jeopardy and drink each time someone gets an answer wrong.

Need a Last-Minute Present for a Gift Exchange? Try These.

Spirits or Fine Wine

A good-quality bottle of liquor or wine makes the perfect crowd-pleaser for a Holiday gift exchange. It’s simple, convenient, and a sure way to add a splash of joy to anyone’s liquor cabinet.

Bar Tools

With the right tools, anyone can make refreshing, bar-quality cocktails. From Boston shakers to strainers, there are plenty of pieces an amateur at-home bartender must have.

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Cocktail Mix

Liquor itself is a great gift, but let’s not forget about the unsung hero of any great cocktail: mixers. A good set of quality cordials, tonics, and sodas is sure to be snatched up at a gift exchange.

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Tech Gifts

It’s not a bad idea to give a piece of this fall’s hottest technology. Right now, home voice assistants, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and UV sterilizers (which clean devices like smartphones) are all popular choices.

Soap and Toiletries

Give the gift of self-care with an indulgent soap, or a pack of vibrant bath bombs.

Something to Write On

Writing is all the rage this season. A moleskin notebook, a fun notepad, or a 2021 planner make great gifts.


This warm gift is sure to be picked in a gift exchange. Weighted blankets and sleeved blankets are popular choices, but if you’re a skilled knitter, why not assemble a homemade blanket?

Warm Winter Clothing

When winter strikes, no one can have enough scarves, mittens, or toques – that makes winter gear a perfect submission for a gift exchange.

Subscription to a Streaming Service

There are more great television shows than ever before, and more ways to watch, too. Whether you choose Netflix, Hulu, Crave, Prime, or something else, you can’t go wrong with this crowd-pleasing present.