Cold-Weather Date Night Plans

Have Date Night at Home With These Clever Ideas

The weather outside is frightful and going out doesn’t look so appealing. Luckily, you and your partner can stay at home and still have a perfect date night. With a little creativity, you can enjoy a special date in the comfort of your own home. Unwind, pour some drinks, and choose one of the couples’ activities we’ve listed below. These suggestions include charming, fun, sexy, romantic, creative dates you can enjoy with your partner, and you won’t even need to step one foot outside.

Stay-At-Home Date Night Ideas

Fake a Power Outage

Most of the time, a power outage leads to interruptions and frustrated groans. But they also create the perfect romantic atmosphere. No TV, no phones, no lights, and no electricity? No problem. You and your partner can cozy up to fight off the sense of danger that your “power outage” created. Use candlelight for added intimacy, and for best results, lean into the bit by pretending the power is sincerely out.

Flex Your Mixology Skills and Play Bartender

You don’t need to trek out to the bar for a fine cocktail. Whether you’re a masterful mixologist or unversed in the art of the cocktail, you’ll have a blast mixing drinks. The right gear – like authentic bar tools and mixers – can help.

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Have a Movie Marathon With a Twist

Movies are essential to a night in. Set up your home cinema with drinks and popcorn. For a twist, make a drinking game out of the movie you select. Make up rules for what should trigger each sip, and you and your partner will become tipsy with laughter.

Cook a Lavish, Complicated Dinner

We can’t all cook like chefs at five-star restaurants, but there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying a delightful meal with your lover. Whip something up yourself or use a gourmet ingredient delivery service. Pair your meal with homemade cocktails, and you’ll feel like you are really experiencing fine dining.

Bake Something Together

It isn’t a date without a shared dessert. Cooperate with your partner on this task, and you’ll have a blast. If you’re not a skilled baker, there are plenty of relatively easy recipes out there, and don’t worry, even if your recipe fails, you’ll look back and laugh at your baking blunder.

Some Activities are Perfect For Partners

Some of the best dates come from fun ideas: board games, card games, trivia, truth-or-dare, video games, and karaoke are popular options, but challenge yourself to think of something more suitable for your partnership.

Plan an At-Home Spa Day

No need to book an expensive, faraway trip to a luxurious spa. You can feel all of that comfort and bliss in your own home. Pick up spa tools and supplies and treat each other to a couple’s massage.

Read to Each Other

Calling all bookworms: reading is a brilliant date night idea. Whether you get lost in a mystery novel together, take turns acting out Shakespearian plays, dive into a dense history book, or play along with a choose-your-own-adventure style book, there are countless ways to make your love story a real page-turner.

Paint and Drink

There are plenty of classes and workshops dedicated to letting participants drink and paint at the same time. Host your own iteration of this tempting combo: all you need is wine or cocktails, a pair of canvases, and paints. Don’t be afraid to get messy!

Start a Vlog Together

Who doesn’t love couples’ vlogs? Set up a mini vlogging studio and browse the internet for a list of questions to answer together. You could also complete couples’ challenges. Either way, you’ll share plenty of laughs and learn a lot about each other.

Get Outside!

Alright, so you’re not opposed to be going outside after all. With all the fun activities you can share, braving the cold weather will be worth it. Try skating, hiking, building a snowman, sharing a walk over a cup of hot chocolate, or even battling in an epic snowball fight. After the date, warm up in the comfort of your own home with blankets and drinks.

Make Plans for After the Pandemic

Thanks to COVID-19, your dream date might not be feasible right now. Maybe you want to go to a certain spot that’s been temporarily closed, or you have a travel destination in mind. Plot out your post-pandemic plans, and when the time comes, you’ll be prepared.

Have a Heart-to-Heart and Plan Your Future

If you’re already settled down with your significant other, or you want to settle down, being at home provides the opportunity to figure out your shared future.

There are so many great ways to plan an at-home date that you could even choose to have one every single week. You could even try making a new cocktail each time.